Healthy Habits Challenge
June 1, 2018 at 12:00 AM
by Carmen Mora
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Any day is a good day to make healthy living a part of your life but the beginning of the year offers a new chapter just waiting to be written. Transforming your health and looking great is attainable and you don’t have to start with huge firm resolutions.

The key to seeing life-changing results is starting small and allowing the little steps to add up.

So many of us set lofty goals for ourselves especially when it comes to our health, only to feel disappointed if we can’t keep up with our expectations. Consider looking at health changes as experiments or projects. Give yourself a month to form a habit. Take that time and listen to your body.

Wellness isn’t one action, it’s a lifestyle. It’s an ongoing process of ups and downs and tweaks and changes. But it is also a commitment to yourself to making positive choices on a consistent basis no matter how small those choices are.


This year we encourage you to join us in our Healthy Habits Challenge. Each month we will feature a different health topic, challenging you to integrate a small and easy action that has major implications on how we look and feel. After a month this action will start becoming a habit and a foundation for a healthier life.